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Business Education: Major areas include Accounting; Business Technology; Culinary Arts; and Hospitality and Tourism. These areas of emphasis may lead to a Certificate of Competence, a Certificate of Completion, a Certificate of Achievement, or an Associate in Applied Science Degree.





(Business Education)

Certificate of Competence (Hospitality Essentials)

Certificate of Completion (Hotel Operations)

Certificate of Completion (Hospitality and Sales Marketing)

Certificate of Completion (Hospitality Management)

Certificate of Achievement

Associate in Applied Science Degree

The Hospitality and Tourism (HOST) program at Kaua‘i Community College is designed to ensure students success in their chosen hospitality careers. The program is designed to meet the needs of those who are already employed in the hospitality services industry, as well as those who wish to prepare themselves for entry into this global field. We welcome you to experience the diversity and professionalism that make this career choice a sustainable opportunity.

Current certificates include the following:
* Certificate of Competence in Hospitality Essentials (8 credits)
* Certificate of Completion in Hotel Operations (15 credits)
* Certificate of Completion in Hospitality and Sales Marketing (21 credits)
* Certificate of Completion in Hospitality Management (21 credits)
* Certificate of Achievement in Hotel Operations (45 credits)
* Associate in Applied Science in Hospitality and Tourism (60 credits)

A Spring 2006 University of Hawai‘i System Articulation Agreement facilitates matriculation of students and transfer of courses across the University System.

The Hospitality and Tourism program has an articulated career ladder with the University of Hawai‘i West O‘ahu Business program leading to a Bachelor’s in Business degree. Kaua‘i Community College students completing the Associate in Applied Science degree UH West O‘ahu Articulation Option in Hospitality Services have the opportunity to transfer to UH West O‘ahu. Students wishing to participate in the Bachelor’s in Business program must notify their KCC academic advisor that they want to track into the UH West Oahu Articulation Option Associate in Applied Science degree program.
A grade of “C” or higher in all Hospitality and Tourism program courses is required for graduation.

A GPA of 2.0 or higher for all courses applicable toward the degree or certificates is needed to meet graduation requirements.


Hospitality and Tourism Program Student Learning Outcomes

1. Effectively and purposely use verbal and nonverbal language about HOST topics with confidence and to ensure it is appropriate to the audience.
2. Use critical thinking skills to effectively synthesize and evaluate information from assigned readings and articles through written memos, reports, reflective notes, and essay exams.
3. Conduct presentation projects that include Internet research and visual media.
4. Interact with others through team-building speeches and visual-oral presentations, which are designed to promote teamwork solutions and teach teamwork principles. Values such as respect for diversity, the need for fairness, empathy, and human dignity are stressed.
5. Demonstrate self-management related to the Hospitality industry through practices that promote physical, mental, and emotional health.





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