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    • The Kauai Civil Defense will issue a tsunami watch/warning through radio and television.

    • The Attention/Alert signal is a steady blast for three (3) minutes on sirens, repeated as necessary. Turn on your radios/TVs for emergency information/instructions. Reminder: The Kauai Civil Defense sirens are tested on the first work day of each month at 11:45 a.m.

    • The estimated time of arrival of a tidal wave will dictate the course of action to be taken. The Chancellor or her/his designate may initiate the folowing emergency actions.

    • Advise students, faculty and staff to remain on the Kauai Community College campus, which is a safe zone from tidal waves.

  2. Flood warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. The extent and locale of flood dangers will dictate action to be taken. During heavy rainfall on campus we must monitor the water level of the reservoirs and streams passing through the campus and warn individuals to stay clear of these water hazards.

Tsunami Information Center

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