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Student Learning Outcomes - College Level

  • Written Communication: Write in clear and organized Standard American English to present, explain, and evaluate ideas, to express feelings, and to support conclusions, claims, or theses.
  • Oral Communication:  Speak in understandable and organized Standard American English to explain ideas, to express feelings, and to support conclusions, claims, or theses.  Receive, construct meaning from, and respond to spoken and/or nonverbal messages.
  • Reading: Read, evaluate, and interpret written material critically and effectively.
  • Symbolic Reasoning:  Use appropriate mathematical and logical concepts and methods to understand, analyze, and explain issues.
  • Integrative Thinking:  Use problem-solving skills and creative thinking strategies to make connections among ideas and experiences and to synthesize and transfer learning to new and varied situations.
  • Information Literacy:  Locate, retrieve, evaluate, and interpret the value of information gained from reading text materials, making observations, and using elecronic media, and reflectively use that information.
  • Technological Competency:  Identify, allocate, and utilize technological resources effectively.
  • Teamwork:  Participate proactively and interact cooperatively and collaboratively in a variety of settings.
  • Respect for Diversity:  Demonstrate cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills and characteristics that are respectful of others' opinions, feelings, values, and individual expression.
  • Ethics:  Demonstrate an understanding of ethical issues in public and personal contexts that can be used to make sound judgements and decisions.




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